In performing an Impairment Rating


AAEME is proud to state that we were the first company to offer on line testing at the request of Texas Workers Compensation Commission (TWCC) in 2002. The Texas Medical Association (TMA) and Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) endorsed our education programs and the testing

Tufts School of Medicine provided CEU’s and required “post course” testing. It lead us to test all of our doctors prior to giving them credit hours. That test was named TIRSAT: Texas Impairment Rating Skills Assessment Test. Our Medical Director at the time, Dr. Charles Crane, MD, PMR, coined the test name and led the call for Impairment Rating Education and
testing of physicians. We carry on his legacy of excellence.

Personal note: I met Dr. Crane at Dallas International Airport at Terminal C and demonstrated by software program on the floor next to him. He wanted to see our Impairment Software “Wholeperson Premiere”. I was extremely grateful that day. He liked the software and liked me.

We became fast friends for many years. He was my mentor. He has passed but I always give him credit for helping AAEME create the standard that he invented and many are trying to replicate today.

CIRS® has awarded this certification to over 4200 physicians nationwide. (CIRS) Certified in Impairment Ratings is offered for the 4th, 5th and 6th edition of the AMA Guides. Nevada requested we create a test for their PPD Raters. Smiddy Lamb was the Director who spear headed that program.

NIRSAT: Nevada Impairment Rating Skills Assessment Test was written into the Nevada law in 2006, that any doctor who wants to be a PPD rater must pass the NIRSAT.

This credential signifies Impairment Rating Competency. Take the test and have proof of your competency in performing Impairment Ratings. Make sure you sign your name with pride and put the initials on your report.



Christine Caldwell, BSN, CIRS

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant