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Impairment Ratings, Impairment Rating Software, Testing, Physician

Auto Accident

5th Edition AMA Used Nationwide

States using the AMA Guides for Work Comp or Auto Accidents

Impairment Ratings, Impairment Rating Software, Testing, Physician
Impairment Ratings, Impairment Rating Software, Testing, Physician

Worker's Compensation

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Dear Christine,

As you know, I have used your whole person impairment software as an adjunct to develop my QME/AME reports consistent with the DWC guidelines of the State of California.

Please note that I have utilized your software to calculate the impairment pertaining to losses of the range of motion and or decreased muscle strength or degree of neurological deficit or DRE etc. This provided me with accurate as well as non rebuttable impairment figures that are exact and fair to the injured worker acceptable to all parties involved.

Currently I am able to establish the impairment rating numerical value for any of my orthopedic patients and send the same to word as a document, then look it up onto the desktop and transfer it to my report and incorporate it onto my Word templated report.

This truly has cut down on my time and need to go through the AMA guide fifth edition book and try to calculate the impairment ratings using the tables and the figures as provided by the above guide.

I have used your system for over 20 years and I am happy with your system as well as your support you have provided me over the years.

Many thanks to you and your staff for your service and support and for allowing me to use such a great software calculator of impairment ratings reports.

Sincerely Paul,

Paul E. Wakim

D.O. F.A.A.O.O.S, Orthopedic Surgeon

I have found the advice and education from WPIRS to be top-notch. There are many competitor products in the marketplace from a variety of individuals, boards, and institutions. Working with Christine has been the hands-on, and individualized assistance I needed to fill in the gaps left by others in the impairment rating marketplace. If you are left scratching your head to figure out impairment ratings, give her a call. You won’t be disappointed.
Daniel Williams


Impairment Ratings are Required in 48 States for Workers Compensation



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