Impairment Solutions 


“Accidents Happen, Mistakes Shouldn’t”

Impairment Rating Review Program

Analyzing a medical file for unintentional Impairment Rating Mistakes

Who could would benefit from this unique program?

Lawyers, Plaintiff and Defense

  • Adjusters, to assure the final IR that determines the settlement is in fact correct
  • Self-Insured companies: will benefit the most based on their status
  • Work Comp claims, State Specific
  • Auto accidents; the 5th edition of the AMA Guides used nationally

WPIRS (formerly EME) has been providing Impairment Rating Reviews nationally for over 15 years.  We have the expertise it takes to make sense out of a senseless case. A critical analysis is performed on each file we receive. Impairment rating medical consultants at your service.

Mistakes can be costly, but they can be controlled. You may never know exactly how much you are overpaying, or underpaying. Not everyone wants to save money, but if you want the facts, we have the answers.

To send us a case, please fill out the attached REFERRAL form and email it to us with the following information.

  • First report of injury
  • Operative notes/medical notes
  • Objective testing (MRI etc. x ray etc.) to confirm the diagnosis
  • Last 2 months of PT documentation, with functional information
  • MMI date and return to work date
  • An Impairment Rating report, if one was provided

We will verify the diagnosis, confirm there is objective documentation and provide solid defensible results with references to any AMA Guide or State Work Comp form.

Your time is worth money. Call for pricing.

Want a sample report? Just ask.


C.G.Caldwell BSN, CIRS™Certified Legal Nurse Consultant