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Motor Vehicle Accidents

$871 Billion dollars a year is spent on medical costs. (NHTSA)


No matter how you look at these statistics the numbers are staggering and remain pretty steady throughout the years. Crashes and Injuries.
There are many web sites that give different numbers. We only used the statistics collected by the government agencies so they can be verified. NHTS, BTS and CDC. Consider cars motorcycles, light trucks and heavy trucks, all contribute to accidents.

CDC: National car injuries 2,749,000 for 2019

This number is consistent for the previous 5 years. On an accrued 5 year basis it amounts to over 13 million people injured in the past 5 years.

A study conducted by the NHTSA estimated that traffic accidents cost $871 billion dollars each year This takes into account medical costs and the financial loss of not being able to work which explains that motor vehicle accidents costs hundreds of billions of dollars each year.
Physicians who are interested in expanding their practice into this area must be prepared to understand how the accident happened, what type of car was involved, if it was biomechanically possible to cause the alleged injury, was it possible that the injury happened another way or
could have been pre-existing.

There is a lot of fraud that serves only to increase the cost of insurance.

One of our Impairment Solutions cases was that of a woman claiming she had a serious knee injury due to the fact that her knee “hit” her dashboard. Upon further research of the type of car she was driving, it did NOT have a dashboard under the steering wheel. She did not hit her knee, it was a pre-existing issue.

Physicians have the opportunity to offer their medical expertise, their investigative skills and provide the subsequent impairment rating for the truly injured person. A comprehensive report is
required and appreciated by the insurance industry. Using the WP5 software creates the perfect defensible report.

The major accidents are settled using the 5th edition of the AMA guides to calculate an Impairment rating.

Colossus is a computer software program that calculates the settlement value for car accident injury cases for at least half of the insurance claims in the United States. They use the 5th edition AMA Guides.

WPIRS is the software company that offers the WP5 software, to calculate accurate,
defensible reports, first time, every time.
Quickly and easily calculate the impairment rating for your patient to assure they get a fair settlement.


Common injuries sustained in Motor Vehicle Accidents: Dr. Earl Horner, MD, PMR

Spinal Injuries

Traumatic Brain injury

Chest and abdominal Injuries
Blunt vs penetrating
Common Chest
Common Abdominal

Temporomandibular joint
Airbag burns and damage to face

Pelvic and lower extremity injuries
Shoulder and girdle and upper extremity injuries

Chiropractic Analysis by Dr. J. Boyle, D.C. Diplomate Neurology


Mechanism of injury vs pre-existing condition

Tissue Damage

Sprain, Strain, Facet Joint Syndrome Discopathy, Subluxation,
Radicular vs Sclerotogenous pain, Myofascitis and Neuropathy

PIP Personal Injury Protection

You may have heard of PIP which stands for Personal Injury Protection. Many insurance companies offer this in their policy to mitigate the cost of a claim. Rightfully so, if the injury is not

What about those cases that are more serious? If these injuries surpass the PIP, they must be treated. When the patient has reached MMI, to close the case, the patient may be sent for an IME and then an Impairment Rating (IR).

The Impairment Rating will help in the determination of the final settlement of the case. If, as a physician, you are not offering this service, you should seriously consider this as an alternative revenue source for your practice. The report and the reimbursement for an IME and
an Impairment Rating are different. They are NOT one and the same and should not be bundled together. Physicians charge in the range of $600 to $1500, for either specialized medical report. In some cases it is higher.


PIP is Personal Injury Protection.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is an extension of car insurance available in some U.S. states that covers medical expenses and, in some cases, lost wages and other damages. PIP is sometimes referred to as “no-fault” coverage, because the statutes enacting it are generally known as no-fault laws, and PIP is designed to be paid without regard to “fault,” or more properly, legal liability. That is, even if the person seeking PIP coverage caused the accident, they are entitled to make a claim under the PIP portion of their policy. “No-Fault” does not mean that insurance premium of the person making the claim will not increase. Typically a PIP claim is made by the insured driver to their own insurance company, however,
there are several exceptions that allow persons who have been injured in an accident to make a PIP claim if they do not own a vehicle. The particular state law and policy language of the insurer should be
reviewed to see what exceptions exist in that state. Wikipedia

Christine G Caldwell, BSN

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant