There are four AMA Guides to the Evaluations of Permanent Impairment (3, 4, 5, and 6) used throughout the US and the world. These books were intended to help you, the physician, have an objective process to evaluate and determine an Impairment Rating for an injured person. This could be workers compensation, auto injury, liability, disability, and other areas.

Each state has its own legislative preference and some have their own book. These books are created with the help of specialists in their field, who have volunteered to improve and update the previous AMA Guides’ book. Since new diagnosis are created each year, it only made sense to keep up to date with the changing times of compensable injuries. However, some states did not agree with updating the AMA Guides so frequently and they stayed with the first book they adapted.

It was determined that to switch books was too expensive and burdensome. Many states had already implemented legal process and guidelines. The State of Texas was one of those states who decided to adhere to the 4th edition of the AMA Guides, Nevada and California decided to adhere to the 5th edition, as did 11 other states. 10 states have moved to the 6th edition of the AMA Guides, 11 states use the 5th, 8 states use the 4th and 2 states still use the 3rd. 19 states have determined if the state wants to use the AMA Guides, any version is acceptable. The 6th edition created a new way to determine an impairment rating (using modifiers) and after exhaustive research, it proved that the Impairment Ratings were substantially lower than the 5th edition. The State of Pennsylvania was one of these states.

Check with the map to see what your state requires. The Federal Government accepts the 5th edition of the AMA Guides and automobile industry uses the 5th edition for injuries with car accidents.

CIRS: Prove your Competency in the field of Impairment Ratings by taking the “secure on line test” for the 5th or 6th edition of the AMA Guides. The 4th edition test (TIRSAT) was created for Texas Workers Compensation Commission for their Designated Doctor system. This system and testing was used for several years, until they decided to take it “in house”. AAEME tested over 4,000 in Texas alone.

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