WholePerson® Premiere 5

$89.00 / 1 month

Wholeperson ® Premiere 5 is the most comprehensive Impairment Rating software program with 275 tests to meet your evaluation needs. The WP5 is designed for the busy physician who presently performs or wants to enter the impairment rating market. The tests in the program focus on orthopedic and neurological issues which cover 80 % of all injuries.

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  • Easy to use
  • On-screen prompts on how to perform an Impairment Rating (IR)
  • Detailed Graphics within the testing modules
  • Combines all Impairment Ratings within one fully referenced comprehensive report
Expect Increased Revenue
  • Report prints ready to invoice
  • 50% less time in calculating the IR
  • Defensible reports, less challenges = faster payment
  • ICD 10 codes offer diagnostic testing recommendations which may be customized
Impairment Rating Evaluations Services needed by ...
  • Workers Compensation
  • Auto Accidents
  • Self-Insured companies
  • Lawyers and adjusters
  • Federal Government DOL

Additional information

ROI Information

Reimbursement for an impairment rating varies by state and whether it is workers compensation or auto liability, Average reimbursement for an impairment rating is $600 to $2500, Return on investment is significant

Patient File Screen

Full clinical assessment capabilities, Fully-documented and referenced Impairment Evaluations

Diagnosis-based Recommendations

Search by ICD10 code or diagnosis, Customize it to your needs, add and delete codes

Evaluation Screen Range of Motion

Easy to understand, Step-by-step picture guide on how to perform AMA range of motion testing

276 Tests

Orthopedics neurological hand evaluation tests for hand therapists


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