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Ever wonder how some doctors get the medical evaluation business? They make really good money, they know how to write a solid report and some can even calculate an Impairment rating. Most do not know how to calculate an Impairment rating and 8 out of 10 get the final Impairment Rating wrong.

This opportunity is waiting for you. Check out these statistics; have only included the car industry statistics. The work comp varies by state.

As we examine the auto accidents and the workers compensation injuries, we come up with some staggering numbers where doctors are really needed to help with the cause of the injury and the settlement of cases. They are needed to evaluate a patient for a myriad of issues and then at the end of the injury, (MMI) they are frequently requested to perform an Impairment Rating.

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Car Accidents numbers per year: 328,239,523 car accidents per year

When you understand that these are the new injuries (2019) and that over the years, there is an accrued accumulation of accidents that have not been resolved, well, you get the picture.

When there are injuries due to a car crash, this industry needs a doctor to perform an IME and an Impairment Rating based on the AMA Guides 5th edition.

An impairment rating is used as the basis for an auto accident settlement. Not all of the cases need an impairment rating, but clearly a large amount. Some are fatal accidents and some just heal on their own.